Micronauts: Hasbro SDCC 2016 Exclusives

During my coverage of San Diego Comic Con 2016 we had the opportunity to meet and interview one of the men behind the Transformers who was kind enough to share with us his creative process. While doing the interview we got to have a look at the numerous convention exclusives that Hasbro had at the show which had fans lined up to purchase.

The exclusives are now available to the public and offer a tempting lineup of Transformers and other properties which are now available at HasbroToyShop.com
Of the great stuff that I saw one in particular struck a very nostalgic tone with me and that was the Micronauts set. When I was a child I fondly played with Star Wars and Micronaut sets for years and purchased whatever they released.

For those not familiar with them the toys were based on a set of beings from a miniature universe who battled each other as the forces of good and evil were locked in a constant battle. Marvel did a comic series on them and one of the great features of the toys aside from their creativity and fun was that the parts were interchangeable. That meant you could combine parts of your ships, robots, creatures, etc. to create new toys and then change them back whenever you wished.

Several of the toys were motorized as well either via battery or wind up and some even worked in water. I remember one late entry used pneumatic tubes for racing.
Hasbro has released a trip of figures which come in a cardboard replica of another toy in the line. The Micronauts included are Galactic Warrior, Pharoid, and Orbital Defender. They are articulated and come with the same weapons and accessories that they did when I first purchased them.

It was very nostalgic to slip Pharoid into his Time Chamber again and to strap on the helmet and pack for Galactic Defender. I only wished that my favorite line, the Mutants had returned so we could resume the battles of my childhood. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is as solid now as it was back then and I hope that we see more from the Micronauts soon as this is a collection for any fan or collector that should not be missed.