Why Would Consumers Want A PS 4 Slim With PS Neo Coming?

With Sony set to release the Playstation NEO and rumored Playstation 4
Slim to consumers in the near future, I found myself pondering the merits
of the two systems. Naturally full details are not known, but as a PS 4
owner my interest is with the Neo and the potential of 4K gaming
especially with the PS VR coming this October.
I realize that going 4K will require the investment in a 4K television and
that many broadcast stations are still not making the leap to 4K
programming but the potential returns on my gaming experience are enough
to make me consider it.

What really has me curious is the Playstation 4 Slim as I am trying to
figure out who the ideal market for the device is. If you are an owner of
a PS4 system like I am, I do not really have interest in a slimmed down
version of the device, even if it comes with lower energy use and a larger
storage space. I am comfortable with the system as it is now and while I
know my needs are not the same as others, I figure this is a very
attractive system to those who have not yet purchased a PS4.
However here is my conundrum. If you have not already purchased a PS4 and
have interest in the system, why would you want to purchase a PS4 Slim
when there is a 4K model of the system coming up?

I can see a real case of buyers remorse from people who obtain the slim
and decide that they want more from the VR experience and want to
experience 4K gaming so as such they are faced with another purchase
shortly after making an investment in the PS4 slim.
I know that not everyone is ready for or wants 4K but the fact is the
appeal of more power and abilities will appeal to many gamers.

There is one other thing to consider which makes me give pause and think
that Sony could be like a concert musician deftly tuning up before they
rock the house. A Sony executive did say recently something to the tune of
the Neo working side by side with the PS4.
Perhaps the Neo is not a new console after all but more of an external
upgrade to the PS4. I remember when HDTV started to come out and many
consumers were shocked by the sales price of HDTVs.

Some companies offered HD upgrade boxes, which plugged into the current
television and updated the picture to a higher form of picture quality.
You see the same thing now with the Darbee units that take 1080 and under
game graphics from consoles and enhance them to a crisper and smoother
picture, which enhances even 1080 output to look even better.

I am sure we will find out soon enough when Sony does their conference
online but imagine if the Neo truly works in tandem with a PS4 and all of
the existing owners do not need to purchase a new system, simply an
additional piece of hardware.

If that is the case, the PS4 Slim could be a huge seller for Sony now and
into the next year and beyond as it will likely be the new standard for
the system.


  1. Darren Mccoy said:

    Because it’s half the price and they don’t already own the original.

    August 25, 2016
  2. Darren Mccoy said:

    Remember being a 12 year old? Did you have a 4k TV in your bedroom?

    August 25, 2016
    • gareth said:

      No as the tech did not exist otherwise probably would have.

      August 25, 2016
  3. VR enthousiast said:

    Ps4 and Neo will co-exist with the difference that Neo will ensure same graphical quality in VR as a normal PS4 on the TV to deliver a VR capability without compromises. For those who dont want or need VR they dont need Neo while having the same graphical quality on the PS4 Slim as the Neo on a VR, since VR needs to render and process a lot more data.

    August 26, 2016

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