Has There Been A New Warming To The Call Of Duty Franchise By Critics?

A funny thing happened the other day and it made me wonder if perhaps we
are seeing a changing of attitudes towards the Call of Duty franchise.
Despite being the best selling game on the market year after year, it has
become fashionable to take shots at the franchise and say it is basically
the same thing every year and lambaste pretty much every aspect of the
game from a vocal online community.
When the trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was released it was
met with tons of online negativity for being too different and such and
despite impressive showings at E3 of new footage, many still blasted away
at the franchise.
Usually when I post and syndicate Call of Duty news it gets some average
traffic but does not generate much in the way of comments on syndicator
sites aside from a few token comments.
Recently a couple of postings have done huge traffic including the news of
the final DLC pack for Call of Duty Black Ops 3. Although the comments
have been mixed, there have been several of them and the traffic has been
big and sustained for several days. I could even venture to say that they
have generated more interest and traffic than any of the last dozen Call
of Duty posts combined save for our report from E3 2016 of the new
gameplay footage.
While the game is always going to be a magnet for debate, the fact is that
there seems to be a new warming and interest for the franchise amongst
fans as even those who have issues with it, seem at least to be more
willing to take a closer look at what is being revealed by the creators of
the game.
One big indicator is the Call of Duty XP event, which will happen in
Inglewood during the same timeframe as PAX West. Thousands of fans will
come to see the top players in the world compete as well as get a look at
the upcoming releases for the franchise and bond with other fans.
As they say in Game of Thrones, “Winter is Coming: but for Call of Duty
detractors it appears to be a bit of thawing and renewed interest in the
franchise based on the increase of comments and traffic from posting from
our sites and others regarding the franchise which is music to the ears of
Activision and their investors who see another big hit coming this