Android Leading With 62% For Online Gamblers

Android OS is cheaper to manufacture than all other operating systems. Needless to say, there are many people who own Android smart phones and tablets than those who own iOS devices. This explains why 96% of mobile devices across the globe are powered by Android OS.

So, does this have an implication when it comes to people who gamble or bet using their mobile gadgets?

Well, since most people use Android OS, it makes sense to reason that those who gamble on smart phones are mostly Android users. No wonder a study was conducted on gamblers who used their mobile devices to wager, and it was shown that individuals who used the OS to access these gaming sites led the pack by 62%.

Gambling options for those who use Android OS

Online gambling sites like All Slots Online Casino have come up with a number of exciting options for those who want to gamble on Android devices. After all, this is the center of focus for most online casinos offering games on the internet.

Both betting and casino companies have streamlined their services to make Android betting easier and more accessible. Every PC game literally has an Android version which can be played on any mobile gadget.

The user interface is as clean as what you’d see on a desktop display. All features are thoughtfully arranged to make them even more user-friendly than their desktop counterparts. This is also due to the fact that mobile displays are generally smaller than those of PC, so games somehow have to fit, especially in this era where almost everyone prefers to use their Smartphone to access the internet.

Any gambler who accesses the web with the intention of wagering would use a browser like FireFox or Chrome to search for the relevant site before accessing the Android platform. This is the most straight-forward way to access these sites when you have no idea what the various online casino names are.

You cannot find gambling/betting apps on Google Play, just avoid

It would have been easier to just download the gambling apps from Google Play. Unfortunately, this is against Google’s company policies, hence no gambling app will be stocked or downloaded from Google Play.

Despite Google not allowing these apps on their store, it does not mean that gambling apps are any illegal or that they won’t work on an Android device. Nevertheless, there were talks on allowing certain gambling apps into the store. Whether this ban remains to be lifted is a story for another day.

There are still countless options for those who want to gamble via Android OS

There are still many app/browser-based sites that give easy access to players who want to use their Android devices to wager.

All Slots Online Casino is just among the many options you can check out. You can choose from a wide variety of slot machines at All Slots and even receive a welcome bonus for your enjoyment. As long as you’re on Android, you can never miss out on an opportunity to make some extra cash.