NVIDIA Releases VR Funhouse Mod Kit

NVIDIA has just released the full source code for VR Funhouse along with a brand new mod editor called the VR Funhouse Mod Kit that is available now through the Epic Games launcher. Read more below and access the press kit at https://epic.gm/modvr.

Calling all VR developers! NVIDIA and Epic Games announce the release of free mod tools for NVIDIA’s Unreal Engine 4-powered VR Funhouse. With the launch of the VR Funhouse Mod Kit, NVIDIA’s innovative carnival game for HTC Vive now supports mods, giving the community an incredible sandbox of possibilities to extend the VR Funhouse experience.

VR Funhouse is available for free on Steam, and the VR Funhouse Mod Kit is available now inside the Epic Games launcher in the Modding tab.


Watch the new VR Funhouse Official Mods Trailer.

Using VR Funhouse’s new modding features NVIDIA created a few mods of their own. Players can now swap out their shooting gallery pistol for a Tommy Gun, light the whack-a-mole’s hair on fire, or build their favorite carnival mini-game in VR. Those who wish to download community-built mods can do so by visiting the VR Funhouse Steam Workshop page.

In addition to using the binary mod editor available through Epic’s launcher, developers can also access the VR Funhouse source code on GitHub and build their own games with the powerful NVIDIA GameWorks, PhysX, and VRWorks technology integrated into Unreal Engine 4 and VR Funhouse.

For a deeper look at the VR Funhouse Mod Kit, tune into the weekly Unreal Engine livestream today at 11AM PT/2PM PT on twitch.tv/unrealengine. Dane Johnston, Executive Producer for VR Funhouse, will be joining Epic Games Senior Community Manager Chance Ivey and Community Manager Alexander Paschall to discuss the release of the mod editor and walk through what it has to offer developers.

Read more about the VR Funhouse Mod Kit on the Unreal Engine blog, find additional details on the NVIDIA blog, and learn how to mod VR Funhouse.