Radar Warfare

Greetings & Salutations Everyone!

Today’s mobile game from your consideration is a unique one indeed. It is the debut release from Canadian video game studio ‘Adage Games’. I can safely say that they hit it right out of the park for their first time at bat.

‘Radar Warfare’ is a base/tower defense game combining aspects of RPG and RTS games to bring you a unique ‘military command-style’ experience. The objectives are simple but challenging. Command and protect your city/base and surrounding structures (power plants, labs, etc.) from air and ground forces from among 20 enemy types using surface artillery, anti-aircraft batteries, missiles, and addition weapons. There are 6 weapon systems total you can utilize in the game. The layout consists of a map separated into grid sections. Radar sweeps occur in which you can spot the enemy for a few seconds and utilize a visual sighting to then open fire on the target using the corresponding weapons. As you level-up, the maps become slightly larger and the number of enemy targets increases. There are 72 maps in all. The number of structures you must protect also increases. As your progress, you are also rewarded with credits and weapons upgrades. You can also upgrade your weapons quicker as well as buy gold and extra credits with In-App purchases.

The overall all feel of the game is just as it sounds from the description. You’re calling the shots for a battle from headquarters and your only point of reference is a radar screen. If you were born in the late 70’s/early 80’s like me, you might still have memories of the now incredibly rare sight of ‘the video arcade’. I’d describe the look of the game as something you might have seen from that era only with much more clarity. A cool retro look if you will. The controls are user friendly and it’s quite easy to toggle back and forth between your ground artillery, anti-aircraft arsenal, and other available weapons you can acquire progressing in the game.

‘Radar Warfare’ is available for free in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. You can’t complain about that! I’d give this game 4 out of 5 stars. It’s potentially addicting and you can easily spend 5 minutes playing it, or perhaps an hour before you get tired. It would be a great way to pass the time while traveling. My only gripe i, you in the middle of this one game that stands out. Sure you might be interested in other games but not in the middle of one I’m currently engaged in. Again though, that’s my only gripe and nothing is perfect. It requires 171 MB of memory space and is recommended for ages 12 and up due to mild cartoon/fantasy violence. Get to your corresponding online store and download ‘Radar Warfare’ to your tablet. It should certainly be added to your mobile gaming selection!