Las Vegas: The Haunted House Capital of America

Halloween is just around the corner and many are already making party plans. Although LA doesn’t have a shortage of cool Halloween attractions, traveling somewhere makes the night more of an occasion. Last year, a bunch of my friends and I got insane deals on bus tickets to Las Vegas through Busbud, so this year we thought why not spend another Halloween in Sin City?

What to Do

There are countless parties, raves and other club events that happen throughout the city on this spooktacular night, but to be honest, for my friends and I there is nothing better than a good old-fashioned haunted house.

So this year close to the end of September we booked our bus tickets even earlier on and found amazing bus ticket deals: roundtrip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for only $39! We were extremely excited to go back to the same absolutely terrifying haunted house we went to last year – The Freakling Bros Trilogy of Terror. As the name suggests, this is not just one haunted house, but three, with each offering its own form of excitement and torture.

This is not a family attraction by any means because it is a genuine R-rated attraction. For one of their main attractions, ‘Gates of Hell,’ they only allow people 18 and older and must sign a waiver. First of all, their name is an understatement because of how truly terrifying my first walk through was. If someone describes it as “electrifying,” they would mean it literally because people will come out of the shadows and electrocute you…Yeah, seriously.

There are have been numerous reports of injuries, but I find a bit of legitimate danger only adds to the experience.

If you are looking for a taste of the dark arts, then The Coven of 13 is the floor for you. It’s theme focuses on witches, warlocks and black magic.

Then there is the Castle Vampire. This tour will scare you through illusions and misdirection; as you frantically run through the house you will feel trapped and unable to escape.