The Accountant

In the world of high finance keeping an eye on the numbers is essential. But when large incomes are derived from illegal activities speed, accuracy, and discretion are vital and that is why Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck), is in such high demand.

In the new film “The Accountant” we are introduced to Christian as he prepares taxes for a rural couple. The quiet, and social awkward man is a whizz with numbers but thanks to a form of Autism, Christian is socially awkward and has an extreme series of regiments he uses to cope with the modern world.

Much of his life is told through flashbacks but we learn that his military father insisted that he and his brother learn to defend themselves after their mother left them.

FBI agent Ray King (J.K. Simmons) is facing retirement and has past history with The Accountant as he is known, and wants to resolve the situation before he retires. As such he recruits and coerces a young agent to help him track down The Accountant with little more to go on other than reputation and some vague photos.

At the same time Christian is introduced to a company via his service who suspects that money is being stolen from them. The C.E.O. Lamar Black (John Lithgow), is eager to get to the bottom of an irregularity found by bookkeeper Dana Cummings (Anna Kendrick).

Christian tears through 15 years of books in one night and locates an intricate scheme to steal millions yet make the company look like it has kept gaining money and this sets into action a chain of events with dire consequences.

At the same time, a mysterious man (John Bernthal), is eliminating those in the way and has set his sights on both Christian and Dana.

Christian however is far from a weak pacifist as thanks to his work and his father’s training, he is brutally efficient and deadly with his hands, feet, and all manner of weapons.

With danger all around them, Christian and Dana must survive and get to the bottom of the mystery while avoiding Agent King and the authorities.

What follows is an action filled thriller that was an exciting adventure filled with twists, turns, and solid performances.

The film does offer a big twist which I saw coming 40 minutes out, but despite this the solid cast and great work by Affleck, Simmons, and company make this a pleasant surprise and one you will not want to miss.

4 stars out of 5.