.Games Register Comes To Many Top Game Titles

Going past the COM era, adding .GAMES redirects visitors to a site – creating more web traffic and a stronger brand. Huge companies like these have already taken on a new .GAMES domain:

  • Halo.GAMES, Xbox.GAMES – Microsoft redirects to Bing search results
  • F1.GAMES and GrandPrix.GAMES – Formula 1 Racing
  • MonteCarlo.GAMES – Casino and gaming operator Societe des Bains de Mer

Owned by Rightside the .GAMES extension is a great way to see business boom! A short, branded domain like www.yourname.games makes for a quick and easy way for anyone to visit and play games


from the first day .GAMES was available to the general public. Please let me know if you have any questions or have plans to feature!

· .GAMES got over 3,820 domain registrations in the first hours of general availability.

· .Games domains entered general availability yesterday September 21.

· .Games got about 3,820 domain name registrations in the first hours of general availability.

· .Games got 368 applications during the Sunrise phase with brands like Nintendo, EA, Blizzard, Apple, Major League Baseball, and others registering domains.

· .Games got about 250 registrations in the Early Access Period (EAP) that was the week that preceded General Availability (GA).