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Published on October 21st, 2016 | by Tracey Barrientos


Ouija: Origin Of Evil

As a huge fan of supernatural horror films I was really looking forward to screening Ouija: Origins of Evil. I had hoped that this film would make up to it’s unsuccessful predecessor. I think the last big box horror movie that I thoroughly enjoyed was The Conjuring 2. I can’t say that I was surprised with being a little disappointed with this film.

As always, some of the best scenes in any film are usually displayed in the trailer to reel us in and that’s precisely what happened.

The film is based in 1965 with a young widowed mother Alice (Elizabeth Reaser) raising two daughters Paulina and Doris. Alice and the girls use old school seance scams to make ends meet.

The somewhat rebellious teen daughter Paulina sneaks out to a party where a Ouija board is used and suggests that her mother should buy one and add it to the act. Her mother decides that it just might be what they need to liven up the show. Thinking that this would only be one of her many parlor tricks she buys one.

While setting up the board for a practice session she decides to see if it might actually work. She doesn’t realize that she has now opened a can of worms and her youngest daughter Doris is in the throws of a malevolent force.

Is it the board, is it the house, is it their father. With the help of their school priest they are able to understand what is truly happening.

The film in a whole was just okay, not the best but not the worst either. The problem that I had with it specifically was how long you have to get through to get to the scary parts of the film. I was hopeful that it would get better and to my surprise it did.

Yes the lines weren’t great but the cast seemed fitting for their characters. Elizabeth Reaser who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting was perfect as Alice and the young girls as well. I don’t usually go on about editing and lighting but I must say that I really enjoyed the cinematography in the film. The drab colors and filming techniques were very well executed and added to the 60’s style horror films of the past.

In all honesty I would recommend seeing this in theaters. With the energy of the audience and darkness of the theater it makes for a fun and spooky Halloween event.

Just be aware that the build up to the better scenes is long and drawn out. The jump scares are few and far between however it still is worth a watch.

3 out of 5.




Second Review by Don Guillory


Some games are better left alone especially when the rules and goal do not seem quite clear. Ouija: Origins of Evil shows us that our curiosity and desire to reach out to the other side, no matter how innocent, is best to be avoided. Alice (Elizabeth Reaser), a widowed mother of two daughters, is struggling to make ends meet and facing foreclosure and eviction from their home.

As her scheming begins to run its limit and her eldest daughter struggles with being a normal teenager, she finds herself barely holding onto her family and sense of being. While shopping, she comes across a Ouija board which her daughter had mentioned to her when she had been caught sneaking out of the house.

A new plan is hatched and Alice seeks to add this item to her repertoire.

As she seeks to perfect how she will implement this new device, she discovers that it responds to her youngest daughter, Doris.

She begins to receive responses from the departed. It gives the family clarity and closure. It leads to a discover that helps to solve their financial woes, but as the game continues, it becomes clear that not everything being experienced is as it seems.

There is a mystery that begins to unfold and a darkness that begins to consume Doris. The Zander family finds themselves falling deeper and deeper into this abyss that the spirit world is dragging them into.

The film altogether keeps the audience interested and curious about any pending resolution.

The strength of the film lies within the elaborate story that is presented and not relying on cheap gags or chock value to keep audiences on edge.

There is a seamless presentation of action and use of sound to keep viewers on edge and to catch them off guard. There are very few elements, if any, in the story that are wholly predictable. Audiences will reflect on this film and all of the various directions involved in drawing them in.

There are very few faults with this film. If there are any shortcomings, it would have to be with the development of the characters.

I found myself more engrossed with the story and felt that any number of different characters of variations could have been included to result in the same creepy feeling that audiences will experience while viewing.

Ouija:Origin of Evil is a perfect blend of Amityville Horror, Poltergeist, and The Exorcist without falling into the trap of losing its own identity in the process. This film just may make audiences recoil from doing psychic readings or playing with a Ouija board in order to avoid the fate of the Zander family.


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