We Talk Into The Badlands With Oliver Stark

Recently I spoke with Oliver Stark about the upcoming season of Into The Badlands on AMC.

How much information did you have on your character prior to filming and how has he evolved over the first season?

We were given a general idea about our characters and the plot development, however changes were made throughout the season that required us to adapt with the storylines. The early planning and outlines of the show allowed us to have confidence in the direction of the show.

Ryder has a complicated history with his father and seeing how season one ended, what can we expect from Ryder in season 2?

This season is basically “make or break for Ryder.” He has to become the man he claims to be or it will be “lights out” for him. He is going to be tested in new ways that he could not imagine.

Do you think that he is a person who regrets his actions or does he see them as a means to an end?

There is definitely a sense of a “means to an end.” There is a sense of his humanity in his growth. We see him as more complex than where viewers are accustomed to seeing him in the first season.

In what ways are you like your character?

He’s a very relatable character. He’s constantly trying to find his way and discover who he is. He begins to find his own voice and meaning.

What is the most challenging aspect of the character and filming the show?

The most challenging thing for me, with respect to Season 1, was getting into character… finding out who this guy is and what makes him tick. There was a bit of learning who he is “on the job.”

What are some of your favorite moments from filming?

I loved the finale of season 1. It was great to play out the scenes as they allowed for the overall direction of the show to come to fruition. Several of the episodes of the first season and the upcoming second season allowed me to grow as an actor, learn from my peers, and work with several talented actors and actresses.

How would you like the character to evolve going forward?

I like the idea that Ryder now has to become his own person. He is not necessarily tied down or restrained like he was in season one.

What has been the biggest difference filming season 2 as opposed to season 1?

Well, the second season takes place about 6 months after the end of season 1. It has allowed the dust to settle and Ryder finds himself in a bigger world. There are new stories to tell… new interactions on the horizon. Fans get the idea that Ryder’s possibilities have expanded and increased now that the limitations he had placed on him in season 1 are lessened or eliminated. The show, and especially season 2, offer something for everyone. It is not your typical martial arts action drama. It allows for an examination of the characters and the relationships that they cultivate. We see humanity. We see a struggle for power. It’s a show I am proud to be associate