We Talk Into The Badlands With The Widow Herself: Emily Beecham

Recently I spoke with the lovely and talented Emily Beecham about the upcoming second season of Into the Badlands. The exciting series on the AMC Network is a thrilling mix of action and drama as it depicts a future where guns are outlawed and rival factions must defend their empires with more conventional weapons and martial arts.

How has filming season two been for you?

EB: It has been very fun and exciting and I am enjoying it very much.


What can viewers expect this time around?

EB: The fighting is even more advanced and intense and this season and it is all very exciting.


I would imagine that the fighting scenes are quite difficult considering the costumes you wear.

EB: The first few times were very difficult especially considering that I like most of the cast had not done action scenes like this prior. It was like walking a tightrope and walking on stilts.

The heels were especially difficult but oddly enough only when standing or walking. Doing action scenes and being in constant motion was easier. It was like doing Ballet or dancing.

Now I am not even conscious of it so you get used to the movements needed. Filming in Louisiana was also tough as the costumes had leather in them and that got difficult in the heat especially when trying to do so many moves as the costumes can be restrictive.


How do you prepare for the fight sequences?

EB: They evolve as we film them in a very guerilla style. We do not choreograph them in advance so when we go on set, we set them up and just do it which really helps build some of the dramatic tension needed to really make the sequences work.

We pretty much see it twice then go at it full pelt at full speed. I remember scenes with swords that were going so fast you could not see them in motion and I am much more confident in it now.


What was your favorite fight scene from season one?

EB: It would have to be the one in the cellar with the ball and chains. I really enjoyed it and the wall walking segment was a very complicated scene to film.

I stepped onto the set and was put into a harness and then I was sideways working with Daniel and it was very unrecognizable when we got going do the complexity of the scene.


What can we expect from your character in Season 2?

EB: Things really advance for The Widow as she is stronger, more apprehensive, and she has to look inside and find more courage. She is at the stage where she is starting to make an imprint and wants to be taken more seriously. We also discover more on her past and her motives this season.


If you had carte blanche, what direction would you like to see the character go in the future?

EB: I think of the Goddess Minerva and her Owl and I think it would be great to have an Owl. I also think it would be great to work in more of the Dark Chi and Azera.