Into The Badlands: Season One

In a distant future following a devastating series of wars, the survivors have banned all firearms and have set up a feudal system where various Barons control needed resources and via for power.

This is the setting of the hit AMC Network series Into the Badlands which has arrived on home video from Anchor Bay Entertainment.

The complete first season set contains all of the episodes and loads of bonus features which go into the backstory, filming, characters, and action sequences of the show.
Daniel Wu stars as an elite Clipper named Sunny who has served for years under a Baron named Quinn and has risen through the ranks to become the deadliest and most elite at his profession.
When the arrival of a young boy with a mysterious past and abilities to boot arrives, the delicate and volatile Badlands soon sees Baron against Baron as political scheming, alliances, and betrayal are the name of the game in this world.

The show is filled with great characters and a captivating plot that will keep you entertained but the thrilling action is what really sets the show apart. It has some of the most original, intense, and amazingly staged fight sequences you will find anywhere as there is truly nothing else like it on television. If you did not get a chance to catch the show, I strongly encourage you to pick up this collection so you will be up to date when season two arrives.