Gaming with the New Galaxy S7 Game Pack

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 may be the most gamer-friendly smartphone yet. This cutting-edge device includes features specially designed for gamers, such as Game Launcher, which provides a single folder for organizing your games and also helps you save power and avoid interruptions while you’re playing. Game tools give you options such as the ability to turn off your back button while you’re playing so you don’t accidentally leave your game.

Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy S7 allows for stunning graphics with its Quad HD Super AMOLED display, which uses the same OLED technology used in high-definition TVs. It also supports virtual reality in combination with the Samsung Gear VR headset. To take advantage of the S7’s superior graphics display, the phone even comes with a Galaxy Game Pack that includes 16 of today’s greatest games. Here are just three of the top-selling games.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is what happens when you mix the Star Wars universe with collectible card gaming. The game lets you collect Star Wars characters from every era, assemble them into teams and have them battle it out. Have Luke and Darth Vader fight, or have them team up to overthrow the Emperor and rule the galaxy as father and son.

You receive your initial characters when you start the game and can gain more through game play or in-game rewards. In-game rewards take the form of shards that you can use to unlock or promote your characters. The shard amount needed to unlock a character corresponds to their starting star level, with seven stars representing the most powerful characters, such as Han Solo, Grand Master Yoda, General Kenobi and Emperor Palpatine. You can get shards at retail stores or win them in battle. Training droids help you level up, upgrading your abilities, mods and gear.

With Samsung’s Galaxy Game Pack, Galaxy of Heroes comes with extra in-game credits. You also get an IG-86 Sentinel Droid for your character collection.

SimCity BuildIt

If you’re into open-ended city building, the Galaxy Game Pack comes equipped with SimCity BuildIt. This remake of SimCity 2013 combines the basics of the original SimCity with the GlassBox gaming engine, upgraded 3-D graphics and social media features that let you interact with other players.

Acting as mayor, you grow your city and supply services to your citizens. You can build roads, develop zones and foster trade relationships with other cities. Funding for your projects comes from taxation, legalized gambling and commerce with other cities. In return for the taxes you collect, you must provide your citizens with services such as utilities, health, safety, education and recreation.

When you play SimCity with the Galaxy Game Pack, you receive special bonuses. Players earn bonuses at levels 3, 6 and 9.

Gods of Rome

The S7’s graphics capability is on full display when you play Gods of Rome. Similar in gameplay to Marvel Contest of Champions, another game that comes with the Galaxy Game Pack, Gods of Rome let’s you play mythical gods, demigods and heroes such as Zeus, Hercules and Achilles, as well as legendary monsters like Medusa. Build and train your team of gods to stop the evil world domination plot of Tenebrous, the son of Hades.

Gods of Rome uses groundbreaking graphics that push mobile phone displays beyond previous games. The game’s 3-D graphics, depicting famous sites of the ancient world, like Mount Olympus and the Roman Coliseum, are ideal for mobile screens. You control gameplay through intuitive tap and swipe gestures geared toward mobile users.

Advance in the game by participating in player-versus-player challenges, winning rewards and earning new abilities and moves. To help get you started, you get 305 Amphora of Gems when you play Gods of Rome with the Galaxy Game Pack.