Soldiers Inc. Mobile Warfare Looks To Redfine Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming continues to grow and become an ever bigger factor in

the gaming market. In 2016, several large franchises offered

mobile variations around their pending AAA releases which helped

bring their franchises to new fan bases across the world.

TitanFall and The Elder Scrolls entered into the mobile markets to

success and the trend of AAA titles appearing on mobile platforms does not appear to show any signs of slowing down.

While the big developers and publishers are looking to

capture a bigger share of the growing mobile games market, they have faced resistance from some segments of the gaming community.

Many gamers who have yet to embrace the mobile market see it as a venue for casual games such as Candy Crush, Angry Birds, and other puzzle games.

This has caused some gamers to be reluctant to make the leap to mobile games as they believe that they will have a stripped down gaming experience compared to what they are used to on a PC or console.

The biggest hesitation given by gamers is that they believe that mobile games will force them to endure lower-end graphics and condensed gameplay due to the hardware options of mobile platforms.

While for some games this is true. As you would not see the scope and graphics of a AAA title like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare or Battlefield 1 on a mobile device, the market has seen a shift towards more complex games offering better graphics and a more robust and varied gameplay style.

While casual titles have offered some of the biggest success stories

for the mobile games platform, there is a very large and diverse market of games available for gamers as developers looks to expand the perception of what a mobile game is and in doing so, expand the market to include more hardcore gamers.

With the Genie out of the bottle, many new games are looking to expand the scope and appeal of mobile gaming and help solidify the platform as a worthy contender against the traditional platforms of PC and Console Gaming.

Once recent game called Mobile Strike has upped the ante by

bringing in massive scale war and tactics which gamers are not used to having in a mobile game.

One of the more intriguing new games is Soldiers Inc. Mobile Warfare

which is available for both Apple and Android devices.

The game is set in 2037 where bankrupt nations lay in ruins and

private military companies battle for power and resources.

The game features cutting edge graphics, a wide range of tactics and

military units, and free to play gameplay. The scope and action of the game will be appealing to those who like gritty action games, and the variety of units and gameplay options helps to ensure that this is a title that players will want to play again and again as they grow in experience.

This is one game that gamers will not want to miss as it is a strong entry into the mobile gaming market that will delight gamers who love action and

plenty of it and want to be able to enjoy the flexibility of a free to play game.