What Is Randy Pitchford’s Big Gearbox Announcement On December 1st? We Have A Pretty Good Idea What It Is Not

When Gearbox President Tweeted that he would have a big announcement on December 1st, many people began speculating as to what his big reveal would be. Naturally people looked at past franchises that Gearbox has been involved with and assumed that it could be a new entry into the series. Pitchford gave no further details but I have done a bit of poking around and we can work at what it may be by a process of elimination. Naturally nobody would go on record and in the interest of protecting the privacy of the information I will not reveal any names but you can get an idea from what is said or in some cases not said.

The first place I checked was with a major publisher who has worked with Gearbox before on a series that has had at least three entries prior. Rumors of a new game have been around for a while but said publisher said that to the best of their knowledge the announcement does not involve them in any way but added the caveat that Randy is known for his surprises.

I also contacted a rep whom I have worked with for years with other companies who works with Gearbox and he was curious as to what I heard and who had said what. I told them that there was nothing specific said and that said companies who I did not name only confirmed that it has nothing to do with them.

This shell game continued onwards which through a process of elimination made me come to one conclusion. Either the companies involved with Gearbox are being cagy or they truly are not involved. Usually a “no comment” or some other industry speak follows but to get a denial albeit with a caveat seems to indicate they are likely not involved.

This led me to believe that the announcement is either a new I.P. with a new publisher, or a new entry into the Duke Nukem series. This one is a bit of a hesitation as it may involve working with a publisher they have worked with in the past, but regardless to say, they could also an a new publisher lined up as well. So whatever will be revealed it is certainly interesting and has many people wondering if it simply Pitchford having some fun with the media before announcing new DLC for an existing game, a remastering of an older title, or something much more exciting. We will see on December 1st.

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  1. Nick Jones said:

    Remaster of the original Borderlands is my bet/hope 🙂

    November 29, 2016

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