Marvel vs. Capcom Character Overview

This past weekend saw rumours and speculation of a brand new entry into the Vs. Capcom franchise to be shown Sunday at PlayStation Experience. As of now it’s still not confirmed however the biggest news platforms all report it being on the way. If so then we’re seeing a release of 2017 the same time near Spider-Man Homecoming, however while on the subject there’s also speculation of there not being any X-Men characters due to the Fox-Marvel Studios contract dispute and as many know that’s how the series began.

X-Men Children Of The Atom (1994)

Capcom’s first drive into the Marvel franchise began with this game which arcade success branched off into more games and spinoffs down the line. Considering how popular the X-Men were at the time with the Cartoon and Comics this wasn’t a bad move on Capcom’s side. The game featured 10 characters including regulars such as Cyclops, Wolverine etc. But also went abit obscure bringing in characters such as Psylocke and Omega Red who would later go on to become series regulars in the MvC franchise. The gameplay and fighting mechanics were extremely smooth and fitting for the time. All in all Children Of The Atom was Street Fighter with X-Men which leads me into the next game.

X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (1996)

2 years from now saw the release of this gem that I’ve never gotten my hands on to this day but I hear it’s an improvement over Children Of The Atom. The roster is raised up to 16 characters, adding characters from Capcom’s own Street Fighter. Considering I’ve never played it the best I can do is assume because of the on-going series that it was popular enough to spawn another love child or rather love children being that there’s 4 of them and 1 in the making (Possibly).

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash Of Super Heroes (1998)

This entry in the Capcom Vs. Series was a game changer. It is indeed I one of the most precious fighting games ever, lower roster than X-Men Vs. Street Fighter however instead of just X-Men and Street Fighter there are characters from all of Capcom including Morrigan from Darkstalkers, Strider and the Blue Bomber himself Megaman. On the side of Marvel there’s not only X-Men but just like Capcom there’s characters from all of Marvel such as The Hulk, Iron Man and The Web-Head Spider-Man. These characters would be featured in all future installments. The fighting was a mix of X-Men Children Of The Atom with Marvel: Superheroes (Which is another game made by Capcom that honestly needs it’s own article). MvC was 3v3 and perfected that style of fighting games. It was the most balanced of the games most definitely including the most recent Ultimate MvC.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age Of Heroes (2000)

Capcom really upped the ante 28th this installment adding nearly 50+ characters. Although it does have the most characters it’s also one of the most unbalanced in the series. That does not mean it’s not fun though, I’ve definitely had more fun with this installment then anyother fighting game. The cast of characters and the stunning acid jazz style of music kept me and millions of other fans playing for years to come. This game was extremely different not just to the series but to fighting games everywhere, This game was artistically and aesthetically pleasing to the eye and ears. As of now there’s next to no way to get this game on newer consoles, Capcom did a re-release however it came with the consequence of liscencing issues so it got discontinued on the Xbox Arcade and PSN. This problem also followed our Last 2 Installments.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Ultimate MvC 3 (2011-2012)

11 years later saw the release of these two lovely games. Now as I stated before there was a lot of liscencing issues as Disney was now in charge of Marvel and Fox was in charge of X-Men. However that didn’t really matter because there weren’t a lot of X-Men on here anyway aside from the usuals such as Wolverine and Magneto. Characters like Gambit and Cyclops didn’t make the cut but that didn’t stop this game from becoming loved by many. The 3v3 style of combat was back with a new comic book style of animation and a new X-Factor Mechanic which powered up the user in a sticky situation. The game featured 36 characters which is a step down from the last but with that Capcom added some brand new faces to their side including Dante from Devil May Cry, and Amaterasu from Okami etc. Ultimate MvC stepped up the roster with 11 new characters plus 2 dlc which were Shuma Gorath and Jill Valentine. A Capcom character seemingly missing from the action was Megaman who got replaced with Zero from Megaman X which is bittersweet at most. These two games were the last we would see of the series until PlayStation Experience This Sunday (Possibly)

If it is to be announced then my list of Characters consist of:

Asura (Asura’s Wraith)

Black Panther

Megaman Volnutt (Megaman Legends)


Nilin (Remember Me)


If any of this happens we’ll be the first to inform you guys!