White Noise 2

White Noise 2 is a game that holds a lot of potential. A very apt warning starts the game off, letting you know to turn the lights low and the volume high. Bringing the classic predator vs prey into a supernatural setting, it lends the game a unique angle. Upon joining the match you are prompted to select your character. While at first I was a little dismayed at the small selection and vast amount of unlockables, after playing the game a few times, that dismay quickly dissipated. What seemed to be a game geared towards unwarranted grinding quickly became a strive towards survival.

Gaining experience is relatively easy while going through an average match, which then leads to more and more levels being tucked under your belt. With each level acquired you unlock a variety of things, from new investigators and skins, to new flashlights that impact stats and playability. With all of the new unlockables from each level, it makes leveling all the more enticing. This game heavily relies on teamwork which was mildly impacted by lagging allies. While making the game frustrating at points, it does add to the “lost lamb” feeling that encompasses you at your lowest. Staying with your fellow investigators quickly becomes second nature while questing for the eight tapes scattered around the facility.

There is a distinct difference in play styles from prey and predator. The predator focuses on leaving idols around to track their prey, this along with other weapons in their arsenal, allows the creature to set their traps. The idols are set in predetermined locations which did take away from the feeling of control, but there is still much strategy that goes into play. One of the biggest drawbacks to the game is the lack of direction. Not being able to look at the how-to-play from the starting menu definitely added a difficult aspect to the game, bringing a rush to read and learn as much as possible between the fast queues. Overall this game is headed in a good direction. While the community is small, there have only been good experiences with other individuals.

Each continuous match adds to the camaraderie shared between your teammates. So to those who bravely accept this mission, good luck, may your batteries be full, and your compasses point true.

3.5/5 Stars