TitanFall 2

Respawn and EA have returned with TitanFall 2 which is the rare sequel
that improves upon the original in almost every way.
The game now features a solo campaign which is a solid and gripping
adventure which adds greater depth to the TitanFall Universe and contains
some great level designs as well as graphics.

Cast as a Rifle Corps member who is suddenly forced into the coveted role of
Titan Pilot by fate, players must embark on a series of missions both
inside and outside of their massive Titan in order to save the Resistance.

Players have numerous weapon loadouts for themselves and their Titan at
their disposals and everything from ballistic to energy based weapons are
available as well as some brutal melee options.

The story was very engrossing and entertaining and presented plenty of
challenges, my biggest frustration was with the numerous timed jumps that
are required to complete segments of a chapter.

I have never been a fan of precision leaps and although I know it is a
part of the game, it does get frustrating at times. Most were able to be
resolved in a couple of efforts but one had me frustrated after numerous
attempts, until I figured out that it required a temporal phase during a
leap in order to complete it successfully.

The solo campaign gives the series a greater depth than the previous game
offered and it is filled with some very solid action and characters that
will compel you throughout the game.

Of course Multiplayer is a big part of the game and that has continued
with TitanFall 2 offering new modes such as a bank where players must cash
in money they have earned or risk losing it should they be taken down by
enemy units.

Enemies are a mix of bots and online players which offers differing
degrees of difficulty. It was frustrating at first to be trying to learn a
map and the new grapple hook when players who had powered leveled since
launch were able to pick me off with vastly superior weapons and power ups
before I had ventured into the battle.

Calling in your Titan is still as big a thrill as ever and some of the new
abilities such as the devastating energy weapon that can be emitted from
your unit once your timer has been reached is a real game changer.

It is still tricky to take down a Titan on foot as anyone who has
attempted to collect a Bounty in the game will attest to.

The level design stays true to what players have expected from the first
game and the developers have promised that all DLC for the game will be
offered free of charge to all players.
I did not find the online play as compelling as the solo mode, but that is
largely due to the fact that I had some lag and balance issues at launch
which hampered my online experience. I can say that recent updates have
made online play significantly better and more enjoyable and I look
forward to seeing what the future DLC will bring to the game.

I played the game on a 1060 Legacy Edition by NVIDIA and on the highest
settings the game looked amazing and ran very smoothly. Reports have said
that the sales for the game were slower than for the previous game which
is a shame as TitanFall 2 is a very solid and enjoyable game that deftly
combines a First Person Shooter with a Mech combat game to create a
visually impressive and very entertaining game which I hope will spawn
further chapters in the series.

4 stars out of 5