Office Christmas Party

Josh Parker (Jason Bateman) is a man with many things on his mind. He has just finalized a divorce which has cost him his house, tons of money, and his confidence. Known for bunting instead of swinging away, Josh heads to his office to move on with his life as Christmas approaches.

His lead programmer Tracey (Olivia Munn) constantly reminds him of his playing it safe mentality to the point where she fed up with him and his ways.

Thankfully for Josh his boss Clay (T.J. Miller), values him and even though he is a goof who happened to be given the office by his late father who started the company, things are looking up.

That is until Interim CEO Carol (Jennifer Aniston) arrives and makes no effort to hide her disdain for her brother Clay, nor the company not meeting her expectations.

Carol quickly tells Josh and Clay that they will have to downsize if they want to stay open and in a very unpopular move, eliminates bonuses and the office Christmas Party.

Since the movie is called “Office Christmas Party”, you know that Carol’s request will fall on deaf ears as Clay convinces his sister that they are about to close a major client (Courtney B. Vance), and as such will have the deal set before she lands in London later that evening.

With nothing to go on aside from desperation, Clay puts the lovable but highly eccentric office into overdrive to create a party unlike any other so they can land the contract needed to stay in business.

When the party arrives one series of epic misadventures and mishaps after another arises which threatens to sink the company and everyone involved once and for all.

The film follows a fairly linear and somewhat predictable path but the strong cast does a great job and Kate McKinnon as the ultra-weird H.R. lead steals several of the scenes in which she is in. Bateman plays pretty much the same character that he has played in most of his recent work as the everyman that tries to make the best of the bad situation and Miller is pretty much recycling the same character he plays on Silicon Valley. That being said, there are plenty of laughs if you do not mind the very bawdy humor and Directors Josh Gordon and Will Speck keep things moving at a steady pace with laughs throughout the film.

While it is likely not going to be a holiday classic, “Office Christmas Party”, is a very fun and enjoyable diversion.

3.5 stars out of 5