Government of Germany Can Start Massively Close Casinos

German gambling halls with bated breath waiting for the new edition of the law that deals with gambling. According to analysts, the following year can be very difficult for most of them and even may be the last one for the gambling business. So, lets look on details of this problem.

According to well-known analysts, the majority of German gambling halls will lose their license, if the new bill will come into force with more stringent regulations for gambling. By the way, this is not discouraging news, because – the government of Angela Merkel has launched this transitional regime four years ago (in 2012), and it will be completed before January 2017.

The judges of the European Court passed a resolution according to which the country’s gambling legislation does not meet the requirements of the EU and this is true. In this situation, the benefit will derive only virtual casinos, but for terrestrial gambling establishments situation is not so rosy. Chamber of Representatives of the German gambling operators have reported that the local operators simply has no possibility to adapt to the new realities.

Also, it is believed that in the capital, tightening of the requirements for gambling establishments started back this summer, so, license got only establishments which located at a distance of at least more than 500 meters from the working institutions. And if this rule will be used further, a lot of gambling market participants will stop working in Germany.

But for an alternative point of view, the new amendments will give a benefits only – new requirements primarily aimed at gambling addiction, which now contributes to the development of a huge number of factors. More and more young people interested in gambling, forgetting about other aspects of life, and the authorities are doing everything possible to protect them.