Let It Die Interview With Game Director Hideyuki Shin

Recently we spoke with Game Director Hideyuki Shin about his new game Let It Die.

Originally, Let It Die was said to have a premise that revolved around female protagonist Tae Ioroi. Why was this change made?

The game development started with a goal to create a revolutionary free-to-play title for PS4. Over time, we have continued to improve the game concept to be more fun and it ended up as today’s LET IT DIE.

The world within the game still contain aspects of both Japanese and Western cultures, why these two specifically?

The LET IT DIE world and story takes place around the city located off the coast of Tokyo called Kamata. As a result of the Earth Rage event, which caused big geomorphic changes, Tower of Barbs arose out of the ocean. The motif of the game has not been exclusively set for any specific countries, and players should be able to see mixed cultural elements of Japan and others through the gameplay.

Is manga artist and character designer Yūsuke Kozaki still involved with the development of the game?

He is not involved in this game development any more. He is working for GungHo’s other title, Puzzle & Dragons now.

Have there been any other significant changes to the game since Grasshopper Manufacture was acquired by GungHo Online Entertainment?

We can now put more focus on game system and designs. Our focus used to be creating a game within the guidelines and needs set by the publisher before, however, after joining GungHo, we now can focus on what we really want to create and what we think works the best.

The game will feature a companion app that allows the player to play the game on their smartphones. Does this mean the player will be able to play the game without buying a console first?

We have decided to focus on console development and not making a companion app for LET IT DIE.

How has the game’s evolution differed from other games as its being created to be playable on the PlayStation 4 console as well as smartphones?

LET IT DIE is exclusively being developed for the PS4.

Has then been talk of the game being released for PC, Mac, or XBOX as well?

We do not have any plans to release this game on any other platforms beyond the PS4.

Are there concerns regarding the level of violence in the game with regards to younger players?

The violence and zombie elements contained in this game have essence of uniqueness and humor for audience to separate those in the game from objectives in the real world.

Were there any influences from specific horror/action films that carried into the game?

Yes, we had influences from a Japanese manga series called “Crows”. The survival element of the game was also influenced by a Japanese TV show titled “I am an Adventure Boy”, which focuses on an adventure and finding treasure in real life.

How was the idea/concept of Death Data come about and the idea of deceased player avatars becoming level bosses?

We had a plan to create an async-multiplayer game from the beginning. To make LET IT DIE’s world more realistic, we wanted to have diverse enemies apart from standard AI, so we had players’ death data become enemies in other player’s games. We are hoping that players will enjoy the LET IT DIE world created by themselves, as well as a default gameplay already programmed. That’s how we came up with the concept of Death Data.

How will the game be monetized? Will there be an online store where special weapons and extra health or lives can be purchased?

Players can purchase variety of items and features such as time reduction and extra health, but the game is not pay-to-win.

Who came up with the mascot Uncle Death and what inspired the character?

Grasshopper Manufacture’s lead concept artist, Masayuki Nomaru designed the character Uncle Death. Upon first sight, we fell in love with the design and committed to use the character for LET IT DIE.