Soda Drinker Pro

Soda Drinker Pro, at first glance, is a game that is lacking. When loading up, I was greeted with subpar graphics, a soundtrack that encouraged the mute button, and gameplay that had little to offer. Aim of the game? Drink soda.

Yes, that is what you do, drink soda while picking up the bonus sodas scattered throughout the level. With almost no direction, I was left to figure out the nuances of the game. And that was part of the charm. Stumbling into a secret area I was greeted with a surprising treat. It was at this time I realized, I had been tricked. The jarring contrast between Soda Drinker Pro and the unlockable mini game set Vivian Clark was astounding. Where the graphics had seemed questionable in the former, they then became pleasant and even inviting. The game, feeling well paced and enjoyably difficult, led to a fun afternoon. Playing for the few hours I had set aside, it comfortably satiated my thirst for mindless gaming.

While again, there is little direction given, picking up the gameplay didn’t seem difficult. Each level played naturally and had a fun little twist. With a note at the loading screen warning the player about the controls, I foolishly chose to ignore it. That almost ruined the game for me. Where the keyboard felt unpolished, switching to the controller, it lent a more natural feel. Switching my gaming method was probably the best decision I made when playing this game.

I do not recommend getting this game if you do not have a controller to play it with. With that being said, the Vivian Clark minigames took the shoddy Soda Drinker Pro and brought it into a playable state.

2.5/5 Stars