Our Best Movies Of 2016 List

With so many publications doing their best of the year list, I wanted to take a moment to post ours. Now we do not list Art Films like “LA LA Land” and “Manchester By The Sea” as although worthy, we know they are getting all the praise so we instead focus on the mainstream “Popcorn” films as to what we enjoyed the most versus what is the best film as really, who can say which one is truly the best?


“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”

Plenty of action, great effects, and a winning mix of characters that fill in a missing and vital part of the Star Wars story.


“Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them”

The Harry Potter is alive and well with this exciting Prequel which paves the way for a new series of films for us to enjoy.


Captain America: Civil War”

Darker and gritter, this is the Marvel film we have been waiting for and opens the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the stories to come.


“The Jungle Book”

A visually impressive and charming retelling of the classic tale.



A winning performance by Ryan Reynolds made this one of the big hits of the year and took the character to the mainstream in a big way with a mix of R-Rated action and humor that was a great ride throughout.



Disney waved their magic once again in this touching and visually splendid mix of music and humor in a very enjoyable story about a young girl finding her destiny.

Ben Reuter had the following on his list….


Top 3 movies: The Witch, The Lobster and OJ: Made in America