A Game Review Of “Strike Force Heroes 3” (Free Online Game)

The world of Free to Play Games has a fantastic new entry with the arrival of Strike Force Heroes 3. The game is harkens back to the classic side scrolling action games of the past but incorporates modern graphics, sound, and physics in a winning combination.

Players pick a squad character and then enter a mission armed with a variety of weapons such as an automatic rifle and a pistol. Players can switch between weapons as needed with a single key press and use the mouse to get a full 360 degree range of fire and vision as the leap between the various platforms to dispatch enemies, gain power ups, and avoid traps.

The campaign of the game offers 50 new missions and there are also new weapons and perks such as an aim bot that greatly help combat available for players compared to the previous game in the series.

The game also offers some solid music and sound effects, much better than one would come to expect in a free to play game and really helps ramp up the intensity of the game.

The high number of weapons and perks that become available to players as the game unfolds is really amazing as players have the freedom to find a loadout that best reflects their style of play rather than being forced to adapt to a rigid in game standard.

The game is played on a PC so that means that players will have to use a keyboard for movement. The W, A, S, D, as well as the Q key and other selected keys as the game unfolds for perks. Players will need to use a mouse as well as the ability to face left, right, up and fire in all directions is based upon the mouse to move the position of the gun and the mouse buttons to fire and reload. It can take some getting used to at first as well as the hang time that is associated with the jumps, but after a few moments it will be second nature for most players.

Players can also use the arrow keys in order to navigate the maps which involve lots of jumping and ducking and cover multiple levels. My first mission involved crawling the shafts, jumping over a trap frequently and climbing up a truck to leap to snow covered ledges as an example.

The enemies of the game are fierce as right off the bat I was forced to contend with shotgun and sword wielding bad guys who even coming at me one at a time were a challenge and took repeated and sustained fire in order to defeat. Let us also not forget that the enemies get harder as players advanced and that there are Boss Battles as well for players to deal with.

In Summary, Strike Force Heroes 3 is fun and challenging game that offers plenty of great things for fans of action games and who love to have a bit of retro gameplay as well.