Shellshock Live

ShellShock Live is a game that seemed simple in concept, though when loading it up that idea started to change. Getting into the game I was met with a fun and notably quick intro that perfectly summed up what I was about to play. Deciding to try the single player out was probably a smart choice. Each single player campaign I successfully completed awarded a set amount of experience. Completing the first set and getting into the second, I felt that I was ready for the multiplayer world. Not having anyone to play with, I started off with the Quick Join option. The search system quickly paired me with others that were usually only a bit higher than myself.

There are many appealing factors that lend themselves to the multiplayer option. During the game you can pick up golden gears that are a currency in the shop. The gears appear with explosions and you just had to make sure you picked them up before they disappear. You also gain levels quickly in multiplayer. With each level you are awarded an upgrade token that you can use on one of four branches. You can choose to raise your attack, speed and maneuverability, luck, and shield. Choosing how you perfect your own tank impacts game play on a huge level; choose wisely.
When starting out playing alone, I fell into a game with others like me; newish to the game and ready to blow some tanks away. The conversation, while slow at first, picked up over time. It is easy to stay with the same people game after game, when doing this after a few rounds, I found it natural to crack a few jokes here and there. The chat system was smoothly done and easy to use; the same can be said for the tank controls. The arcing, though at first a tad confusing, becomes second nature in no time.

Overall this game lends itself to some gratifying hours of gameplay. I found myself constantly trying to grind levels hoping to get more gear. Even in the beginning, you are met with an arsenal that is random, fun, and at times unique. Without hesitation, I would recommend this game to others.

4 out of 5 stars