The Longhorn Hotel & Casino: Las Vegas

Recently we went to Las Vegas to do our annual coverage of CES. We usually stay with family during our stay until last year when we had a comp stay we needed to use as well as a suite that had been gifted to us.

During this visit family was not an option so we looked at various places and naturally saw very high prices due to the convention being in town.

We discovered the Longhorn Casino and Hotel and being off strip, it offered recently renovated rooms at a price significantly lower than the other options that were available to us.

Upon check in we noticed that the venue was much smaller than what would normally associate with Las Vegas. The hotel covered four floors and the gaming area was loaded with games but smaller than what one would find in various Tribal casinos. We had heard that the Longhorn was a favorite of the locals and although smokier than more modern resorts the steady stream of customers continued throughout our stay.

Our check in took a few minutes and while it lacked the warmness one may expect it was professional and we were on our way to the room which was very welcome after several hours on the road driving into town.

Our room was very clean and we could see that the recent renovations were well implemented as we had two beds and a flat screen television to go with a desk and ample closet and drawer space. The hotel offered free WiFi which was good enough to stream Netflix without any issues which was a help as although there were 20+ channels, the reception on several was not the best.

The room offered a fridge and an ice machine down the hall but did not have a microwave or in room coffee. Coffee and tea were available in the lobby though as were numerous vending machines.

The maid service kept things very neat and tidy but was also respectful not to disturb us when we opted to take some time to rest in the room. Security was also very good as they had patrols in the hall from time to time as well as numerous cameras throughout. The hotel offers smoking and non-smoking rooms and we did smell Marijuana in the halls from time to time during our stay.

The Chuckwagon Restaurant on site was a real joy as they offer a diverse menu 24 hours a day. We enjoyed dinner there during our first night and was amazed at the quantity, quality, and price of the food which also included daily specials. You could go as basic as a burger or as fancy as Prime Rib depending on your mood. We suggest the BBQ platter for those looking for some variety. Our subsequent visits did not disappoint as we had dinner there on another night of our stay as well as breakfast where my wife described their French Toast as the best she has ever had.

The hotel offered plenty of free parking and the lot was well lit with security cameras and guards as well for additional safety.

While it does not have the swank and ritz of some of the more famous locales, the Longhorn offered a clean and comfy room at a very affordable rate as well as unexpectedly good dining options and plenty of entertainment. It was only a 15-20 minute drive to the Las Vegas strip and there were numerous restaurants, resorts, services, and shops located nearby.

The resort lists a pool and spa but we did not experience it on this trip nor did we receive the Gift Pack that is currently listed on their website.

The next time you are looking for a change of pace in Las Vegas or an affordable option check out the Longhorn as you will likely find it an unexpectedly pleasant find.

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