Dropzone Heads To Steam Early Access

We played this at E3 last year and really enjoyed what we saw.


In response to player feedback, Dropzone’s current
closed beta is ending today and the team will transition to Steam’s Early Access
program in the next couple weeks, currently targeting mid-February.
registered beta players will have their account migrated to Steam free of charge
and will be receiving a bunch of perks as the developer’s way of saying


The Dropzone player community will be receiving a range of bonuses in the game’s new Steam
Early Access build, including Pilots, Rigs, Gear, one Daredevil Recon Pilot Skin
and an Exclusive Early Access Player Emblem & Vision Tower. New players will
also be invited to check out the hybrid of real-time strategy and battle arena
gameplay, diving into Steam Early Access for $19.99. Additionally, a huge amount
of new features will be added to the game when it hits Early Access, which we’ll
be telling you more about soon. Dropzone will raise the bar for strategy and
online battle arena games in its Early Access debut as one of the most polished,
content-rich Early Access games to ever hit Steam.


Based in Baltimore, Sparkypants Studio is made up of former Big Huge Games developers,
and are developing their debut title with support from publisher Gameforge. The
mech combat game blends the depth of real-time strategy with the speed and
personality of a MOBA, with every duel reaching an explosive conclusion in 15
minutes or less. With three combat rigs and a variety of pilots to choose from,
a wide range of classes emerge. Build out your mech, level up your pilots and
mix and match gear to suit your personal playing style.



is the first, new game IP from game developer Sparkypants Studios, comprised of
seasoned RTS veterans of Big Huge Games. Published by Gameforge, Dropzone brings
together classic attributes of Real-Time Strategy such as map control and multi
units the player must direct, with 1v1 intense online competitive play and
familiar keyboard and mouse controls. Players must develop their tactics,
customize their Rigs to suit their play-style, and then bring them into battle
against their opponent to see who can score the most points during a 15-minute
match. Dropzone provides for a vast array of choices between Rigs and their
loadout, and rich variety of maps set on alien-infested Europa over which
players will contest.

can read more at www.PlayDropzone.com