Scuf Elite Paddle Control System For Xbox One Elite Wireless

As anyone who has ever played a video game will tell you, response time is a factor. Often the margin between success and defeat can be reactions that are timed in fractions of a second. For players using an Xbox One Elite Wireless controller, Scuf has released a new product that looks to give an edge to gamers.

The set offers four paddles, a paddle hatch, and a directional Bias for the Dpad of the controller.

The setup is easy and once in place, the new devices fit securely and give players a much better grip and reaction times than the default controller offers.

In games such as EA Star Wars Battlefront, Mafia 3, Battlefield 1, and others, there was a marked increase in performance as compared with the default controller device.

Another plus for the device is the ergonomic features which lessen the strain associated with operating a controller during long play sessions. This makes it ideal for those who take part in tournaments and other functions Scruf claims that over 90% of professional gamers use their device.

In the end while it will not make you a pro gamer, it will enhance your gameplay and comfort and will bring a new level of satisfaction to your gaming sessions.