Husk is a game with some great potential going in. The horror game is set in 1995 and involves a man with a questionable past taking the train home to his rural hometown of Shivercliff with his wife and teenage daughter along for the trip.

When the train derails and you are unable to find your family, players make their way into the small town to find it deserted with no signs of life anywhere.

There is a toxic fog about the town and soon strange creatures appear which forces players to look for keys, weapons, and other items of use in order to survive as they attempt to unravel the mystery, find your family, and escape.

The premise is compelling enough to take a look but sadly there are many issues with the game which really hamper the experience. I can overlook the dated graphics and the jerky controls and camera transitions, but the game made me feel like I was stuck in the 90s with the numerous glitches in the game. Keys would not be visible on a counter and I at times had to search wildly waiting to get the indicator that keys had been located.

Combat was very uninteresting as I had to simply flail about with a pipe at first without any real indication my blows were landing or doing damage until an enemy fell. I had hoped locating a pistol would make things a bit easier but once again the combat mechanics proved to be lacking.

If you do not mind bugs and glitches, dated graphics, and gameplay, then you will finds yourself entertained by Husk but for me the promising setup went away after the first hour or so of play and I found myself paying more attention to the numerous issues rather than the game.

2 stars out of 5