Link Twin

Greetings & Salutations Everyone!

Today, I have the good fortune to bring you ‘Skewed & Reviewed’s’ first mobile game review for 2017. A (dare I say) delightful interactive puzzle game that requires you to guide twin characters through a unique world in which you must utilize their surroundings and the environment and lead them through their journey.

‘Link Twins’ is the latest release from Carbon Incubator. An independent Romanian game publisher. Already the 2nd place winner of PGC London’s “The Very Big Pitch” award, ‘Link Twins’ premise is simple: You must guide twin siblings Tom and Lily through through a mysterious world of puzzles as they search for their lost parents. The game is as compelling as it is stylish. It features a unique soundtrack (best experienced with headphones) and unique art and visuals. Gameplay is simple, you swipe the screen in the direction you wish Tom and Lily to move. However, be cautious. You must keep them on course and not to far apart. Their safety requires that they be no more than a few steps apart from one another.

The game requires the player to draw upon basic strategies as you must manipulate objects and discover secrets within the surrounding environment in order for them to progress in their journey. The game is beautifully crafted featuring surprisingly minimalist geometric designs.

The game features 5 chapters and 100 levels so feel free to become addicted to the game within reason. It will certainly keep you occupied for quite some time! LOL! Like many of the more popular mobile games available, you can advance faster in the game by purchasing extra power, hints, and runes in the store. The game is currently available in the Galaxy Apps store and will soon be released in the Apple App Store. The game is best experienced on tablets but word is the game will be available in a format that can be downloaded to smartphones as well. I’m calling it right now … 4 out of 5 stars. This is definitely one of those game sim going to keep on my tablet for the foreseeable future.

My suggestion? Put it on your wishlist and download it as soon as it becomes available.