A Few Words About eSports

Recent years, among punters and bookmakers, e – sports competitions between strongest gamers have gained huge popularity. The first such competition at the professional level was held at the end of the last century. And prizes funds at these events don’t inferior (and sometimes even surpass) amounts in various Championships in professional sports.

Bookies have quickly realized this and offer their customers to bet on events within eSports Championships in various disciplines. Cs go betting can help you easily find a bookmaker.


Rules of CS: GO Championships

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is considered to be one of the most respected shooters in eSports. The basic idea of this game is a confrontation between two teams (5 people in each) — terrorists (Terrorist forces, T) and special forces (Counter-Terrorist forces, CT). The match consists of one, two or 3 games (Maps). This game includes 2 periods. One period teams spend for the defense (Counter-Terrorist Force), and the second for the attack (Terrorist Force). Periods consist of rounds. The terrorist team’s object is undermining a bomb in a certain place. If the bomb is not planted and teams’ members are destroyed, the winner is the team that survived at least one soldier. If the bomb was planted and exploded, the round was won by the Terrorists, even if all team members were killed. If the bomb is defused by Counter-terrorists, then they will win. Whichever team wins the round receives one point. Round duration is 1.75 minutes.

If after 2 periods the teams have an equal number of rounds (15-15), 2 additional periods for 3 rounds is appointed. The Game scoreboard shows a list of all players, divided into teams, a total score of kills and deaths for each player. Over the label with individual player’s statistics shows a General account of the victories of Terrorists and Counter-terrorists. The scoreboard also shows “dead”, if a player is dead and the time left.

Making bets

Nowadays, various bookmakers and websites have several sections, one of which is entirely devoted to betting on events and competitions in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It’s recommended to all fans to bet on cyber sports matches in only reliable bookmakers. This information will be useful to you.


Tips for beginners

In General, eSports competitions are a little different from usual sports events. For example, to compete in CS: GO most bookmakers accept the following bets:

  1. On an outcome of a particular match or one/some of his rounds.
  2. Winner and prize-winners of the tournament as a whole.
  3. MVP-player or separate meetings of the entire event.
  4. For the fastest losing.
  5. Some other options, depending on the bookmaker’s imagination.

ESports is also interesting because the events develop very rapidly. That’s why most bookmakers’ offers have pretty high odds. And this helps skilled or just lucky betters to earn good money.