The Cure For Wellness

What if you were told that you could be cured from any and every ailment, all while relaxing in the picturesque Swiss Alps. Would you go? A Cure For Wellness is a psychological thriller directed by Gore Verbinsky whom in the past brought us Disney’s Pirates of The Caribbean. I’m not sure going with a psychological thriller was the best choice for him.

After a young power-hungry stockbroker receives an odd letter from the CEO during a major merger he becomes blackmailed into going and retrieving him. Pembroke (Harry Groener) has taken up permanent residence in a mysterious gothic styled rehabilitation center in a remote part of the Swiss Alps. Pembroke has no intentions of leaving the hospital so Lockhart has plenty of time to explore. As soon as he arrives though, he notices that there is something strange going on. Patients are eating decadent and costly meals and flying kites as if they were on vacation rather than in treatment. Little does he know, he will be at the center of it all after an accident turns him into a patient rather than a visitor.

I feel as though this was less of a thriller and more of a flop. I wasn’t able to connect to Lockhart and frankly at times his character was rather annoying. This made it difficult to sympathize with what might be happening to him. Lockhart reminded me of Leonardo DiCaprio in Scorsese‚Äôs Shutter Island. Though Scorsese’s film was way more entertaining and thrilling than this. The film was extremely long (2.5 hours) and when you thought it was going to end another curve ball would be thrown. Though the film was less than entertaining, the actors portrayed their parts well. The scenery and landscapes along with the colors of the filters used did give the film that bit of eeriness the story needed. Some scenes were creepy and others involving animals were disturbing and could’ve been left out in my opinion. I left the theater scratching my head with the old “what the heck did I just watch” thought. This film was just not for me and seemed more like Verbinski bit off more than he could chew. The audience also seemed to be disappointed with it as well.

2 stars out of 5