Speedlink: Omnivi

With so many gaming mice on the market today it can be difficult to find the one that is right for you. Many offer a range of features and designs and tout an improved performance for users. For most desktop users this is not as big of a concern as a solid and reliable mouse is all they ask for to complete their daily tasks and play the occasional game.

However if you are more serious about your gaming and demand a higher degree of performance, then you will want to look at the Omnivi by Speedlink.

The attractive mouse is red with black trim and offers an impressive mix of functions with an ease of use that is highly appealing.

Featuring an aluminum base plate and a 12,000dpi sensor to go along with ten programmable buttons, you can get an idea that this is a sturdy and versatile unit. The Omnivi allows users to change their DPI settings on the fly which is key as there are times when you want a faster response time, and other times you will want a slower and more deliberate response.

Being able to switch on the fly is very appealing and really works well when combining gaming and desktop functions.

The Omnivi feels good in the hand and has a very easy setup. In no time we were putting it to use in various first person shooters as well as some tactical games and desktop applications. It worked like a charm and did not have as long as an adjustment as you would with some mice. The software also allows you to set various lighting effects and program buttons which is great for users who like a high degree of customization to their gaming.

Some users may have some issues with the placement of some of the buttons but for the price, the Omnivi offers performance and a feature usually found only in higher priced units and is worth a look for those looking to get better performance without breaking the bank.