Gearbox And Others Join The ESA

Just in time for E3. Perhaps Gearbox has a big announcement to make at the show?


Gearbox Publishing, Triseum and Legends of Learning

Join Entertainment Software Association

Washington, D.C. – March 6, 2017 – Gearbox Publishing, Triseum and Legends of
Learning have joined the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the trade group
announced today. These innovative companies add diverse experience to the
association in the areas of game development and game-based learning. ESA is proud
to work with industry leaders across the country to chart a course that delivers
great entertainment for gamers and success for those who create games.

“Gearbox Publishing, Triseum and Legends of Learning are remarkable innovators that
are revolutionizing interactive entertainment,” said Michael D. Gallagher, president
and CEO of ESA, which represents the U.S. video game industry. “The perspective and
reach of these companies will boost our efforts to expand the frontiers of the
interactive entertainment industry.”

With a mission to entertain the world, Gearbox Publishing
[] is the newly-formed publishing arm of the
award-winning independent development studio Gearbox Software, most known for its
games such as Battleborn, Borderlands and Brothers in Arms. Gearbox Publishing’s
mission is to be the most developer-friendly publisher in the industry and has
already helped launch games from award-winning franchises including the Homeworld
and Duke Nukem series.

“We are pleased to be joining the Entertainment Software Association as our newly
formed branch, Gearbox Publishing, continues its mission to be the most
developer-friendly publisher in the industry,” said Randy Pitchford, president of
Gearbox Software. “As we work toward our goal of entertaining the world as a
publisher partnering with various studios around the industry, being a part of ESA
is key to achieving that objective.”

Triseum [] inspires students to succeed through game-based
learning. Born out of the LIVE Lab in the Department of Visualization at Texas A&M
University, Triseum combines commercial game development experience with deep
educational expertise to create revolutionary ways for students to learn. Student
success is at the heart of the company, with institutional research on Triseum’s
games demonstrating a 24.7 percent increase in student knowledge after just two
hours of game play.

“Becoming a member of the ESA is an important next step for Triseum as our games
gain tremendous traction at colleges and universities across the country,” said
André Thomas, CEO of Triseum. “Our development process relies on rigorous research
coupled with student and faculty involvement, creating learning experiences that are
fun and engaging while also producing measurable gains in student knowledge. The
resources available through ESA will help us further advance our leadership position
in game-based learning and the impact we are making on learning outcomes and student

Legends of Learning [] aims to make learning fun,
accessible and effective. With a focus on life sciences, earth sciences, space
sciences and physical sciences, Legends of Learning creates a productive learning
environment for teachers with curriculum-based games driven by research. These
curriculum-based games have resulted in faster lesson comprehension, increased
engagement in the classroom and test score improvement by over half a letter grade
on average.

“We are excited to join ESA and be another voice focused on education, supporting
the great work already being done on behalf of our industry. Our ed games will bring
a new level of entertainment to curriculum,” said Josh Goldberg, EVP and cofounder
of Legends of Learning. “Grades and subject mastery will improve, but most
importantly, we think the games will help students better enjoy their time at
school. Best yet, our platform makes it easy for teachers to deploy the content and
game developers to create the content, which has been a barrier for success with
other game-based learning initiatives.”