For Honor

For Honor is definitely a weird one, unique most certainly. It’s the latest game released by Ubisoft that’s not about Assassins or Hackers but rather Warriors. With so many releases recently I had not been able to play as much of the online mode upon completion of the campaign, but once I did I was hooked.

Down to it’s core For Honor is a competitive fighting game except it’s in the formal style of a hack and slash. In every fighting game there has to be an interesting set of characters to choose from which luckily for us there are. You choose from 3 different kinds of warriors with each having multiple classes to choose from. Knights, Vikings and Samurais each have they’re own variant of gameplay and each are genuinely fun to play as. There’s tons of customizable variety as well ranging from weapons that’ll cause stat boosts or just making emblems for…well any part of your armor.

Combat is where is game shines imagine “Simon” mixed with the “Injustice” collide system. If your enemy is slicing right it’ll show you and you gotta be quick to go in that same area to block or counter the attack. You could get ballsy and try to hit the enemy before they hit you but that’s a huge risk especially if they’re a faster class than you. So there’s some skill involved, the competitive crowd is definitely growing in this game because of how new and “almost” innovative the gameplay is. I say almost because it is unbalanced at times however the game just released I’m positive that Ubisoft will release updates to compensate for that. There is a lot to focus on during gameplay including your teammates (Considering you’re not playing 1v1) also you have to focus on your enemy and whether or not you’re going to be the victim of falling off the stage so needless to say the game isn’t for anyone with a short attention span.

It’s an online multiplayer game with a single player story and to be honest the story holds no base purpose and just seems like it’s there. It’s not a very good story, they hop around all 3 clans focusing on different people and is a real selfish way to tell a story. You’ll get somewhat invested into a person only to have to change after 2-5 missions. The multiplayer is where this game really shines with more than 5 different kinds of modes each vastly different than the other, you can test your skills in a 1v1 match which could easily just be the entire game and it wouldn’t change anything but I will say playing with friends is definitely a blast. I would say it’s a good 4-5 good hours of fun testing new game modes and even taking over maps with your different kind of warriors in the style of Mortal Kombat X.

There’s certainly some stuff I haven’t mentioned because this game has content for days that could be a separate review in and out of it’s own but with its fighting game core and it’s bloody goodness it’s not a perfect one There are a ton of frame rate issues which as I said could get updated but either way isn’t a good way to start a launch. I once spent 2 hours searching for an online match even though my “NAT” was green and my WiFi was at an all-time high. The stages are pretty generic (Albeit gorgeous on PC) and fighting can be kinda sluggish and annoying when your team is dead and your trying to fight off 2-3 different people. I somehow wish other people can refrain from hitting you while you’re fighting someone else but for a game entitled “For Honor” there definitely is “No Honor” when battling other players as it is combat at the most brutal level.

3 stars out of 5