After The End

Greetings & Salutations Everyone!

Wow! Two mobile game reviews in one week?! If I’m not careful, i’ll develop a reputation for being a diligent/productive contributor! laughs and nearly spills iced coffee

Trust me though in all seriousness when I’m not at work or editing photos or commuting there’s a good chance I’m on one of my tablets or my phone engaged in some kind of battle or quest. This mobile game being especially unique not just because of its geometric graphics or its storyline, but it places an such emphasis on the audio content and quality it equals or almost overshadows the other aspects of the game altogether.

‘After The End:Forsaken Destiny’ is a puzzle/third person adventure game from NEXON M Inc that combines the basic quest-style game scenario with 3-D puzzles. The story centers around a father and son duo that embark on a mysterious quest separately in order to save their tribe. Their individual journeys take them through the ruins of ancient temples and desert landscapes where along the way they must gather the pieces of stone relics and pay tribute to their ancestors by reassembling the statues made in their honor. Along the way, they must solve unique puzzles that increase in their complexity which manipulate the environment around them enabling their journey to progress further. Beware of the many hazards you might come across in the game.

You will encounter strange entities and bizarre creatures along the way that may, at first, seem non-threatening but are dangerous and lethal if underestimated. I found this game to be quite engaging. It reminds me of the old-school console or PC games from the early 90s. That alone was enough to keep me playing for three hours straight. One aspect that sets this mobile game apart from others was its emphasis on the music/in game sound effects. They definitely tailored this game to use with earbuds/headphones with an exceptional audio rating so if you have top notch audio gear, take advantage of it when you play this game. The controls are a bit difficult to master. After a few minutes though you will get used to it. The game is available in Apple, Droid, and Google app stores for $4.99 which is more than reasonable for a game f this quality. The game also features an in-app store where you can purchase extra essentials for gameplay.

I’m going to give this game 5 out of 5 stars. Well worth your time playing the game and the hard-earned $5 for the games cost.