Narcosis Surfaces On Xbox One

Played this on Oculus at E3 last year. It was a interesting game in that early state.


Franco-Californian game developer Honor Code, Inc.’s debut effort, Narcosis
( , is available now on Xbox One
( . Since launching
last month on Steam ( and the Oculus Store
( , the game has garnered
critical acclaim for its abyssal ambience, mind-bending challenges, and subtle,
thought-provoking narrative. The “#Safe+Dry
( “ launch trailer demonstrates some of
the surreal sights, sounds and situations encountered in the abyss.
Survival, horror at the sunless depths of the Pacific Ocean.
Stranded on the seafloor with low light and few tools, an industrial diver takes
desperate steps to surface before his dwindling oxygen — and sanity — give out.

First conceived as a student project, this first person survival story unfolds from
inside a “walking coffin” — a half-ton, high-tech deep-sea dive suit — following
an industrial catastrophe. Influenced and inspired by a growing appetite for
unconventional horror and narrative-driven games, Narcosis is rooted in reality, but
steeped in the surreal.

** Features:

  • Pressure Kills: High-stress situations accelerate oxygen intake, distorting sight,
    sound, space and time.
  • Hostile Waters: A knife, flashlight and flares are essential to surviving the
    nightmarish flora and fauna of the abyss.
  • Phantom Narrative: The survivor’s account unfolds in inexplicable ways alongside
    the player’s journey.
  • Beyond Good and Evil: No shadowy organizations or eldritch terrors at Narcosis’
    dark heart, only primal fears and human limits.

About Honor Code: Based in France and California, Honor Code’s collective resume
includes such games and series as Assassin’s Creed, Dance Central, Metal Gear Solid,
Remember Me, Republique, The Silent Age, and Silent Hill.