On Overview Of EA Sports UFC 3 coming in early 2018

The countdown to UFC 3 by EA Sports is on and while fans will have to wait until 2018 to play the game, with E3 fast approaching many are looking forward to getting more details and footage of the game.

There is no denying the vast appeal of the UFC as ticket sales and television ratings and merchandise continue to grow at an impressive pace.

Naturally with any sporting game the authentic immersion factor is key as players will want to see the favorite stars digitally recreated and be able to compete in matches in both online and offline modes.

We know the game will be coming to consoles during the first part of 2018 which already makes the game one of the most anticipated titles of the coming year.

Fans can also begin their speculations as to which stars will grace the cover of the upcoming game. The last one featured Ronda Rousey and Connor McGregor but considering how they both lost subsequent matches and have seen their stock fall in the sports, some are saying that this is an example of the Madden Curse crossing over where athletes featured on the cover often suffer career setbacks shortly afterwards.

The goal of creating the most realistic experience for gamers is key as they expect a strong amount of realism in their games which can be difficult as gameplay varies in the heat of battle and game developers always look to have competitive and creative features included.

The online portion of a game is key and it would be wonderful to see gamers be able to set matches online such as with best sport betting offers as the growing eSports community is now allowing gamers to wager on matches in some markets.

Regardless of your attitude towards online sports wagering, it is a growing part of the sport and more and more gamers are looking for ways to increase their gaming experience and to blur the lines of reality between their sports games and the actual sporting events themselves.

One this is for certain, UFC 3 is going to be a game that has a lot of attention on it before release and hopefully we will be seeing more of it during EA Play in early June.