Minion Masters

Been dying to find a fun 1v1 MOBA game to try out? Yes, you read that right. 1v1. Most people think 5v5, or 3v3, when they think MOBA, but what about 1v1. Well, Minion Masters is the place to look.

In Minion Masters, you play as a minion master (duh!) building a deck of cards that have different minions on them. Each card has a stamina point value, and you must have that much stamina in order to play the card. Each minion has their own ability and, just like any good CCG or MOBA, they have strengths and weakness against the minions played by your opponent. Your goal is to strategically place your cards in order to battle. The first player to drain the other’s health wins. With each battle, your master earns XP which allows them to level up. Leveling up gets you powerful skills to use against other masters. After your first few rounds against the computer, you are released into the world to be savagely beaten do… err… I mean released into the online world to battle other Minion Masters.

I actually found quite a bit of enjoyment with Minion Masters. It heavily relies on strategy; however, don’t count yourself out if things start to look bleak. I have found that having a very diverse deck to play with helps immensely, especially when you’re in need of that low stamina minion to go finish off a battle worn strong stamina minion.

Minion Masters doesn’t necessarily bring anything new to the MOBA/CCG front, but combining the two was a good move. It’s kind of like Clash of Clans: Battle Royale, but a lot more fun. It’s a great little “pick up and play” PvP game. It’s still in early access right now on Steam, and it comes in two flavors for the varying pocket books. The Early Access edition is only $4.99, while the Premium edition will run you $21.99.