The Most Popular Alien Films By State

Alien: Covenant is number one at the US box office, proving that extra-terrestrials are as popular as ever with Americans! But even though the Alien franchise has grossed nearly $1 billion at the US box office, are any of the movies from the series America’s favorite?

With people undoubtedly revisiting their favorite alien movies after the thrill of Covenant, decided to find out by taking 50 of the most popular alien movies of all time and running them against Google Search Data to determine which has received the most searches in each state. Here’s what found…

The most popular alien movie in America is the critically acclaimed Arrival. It came out on top in Alaska, Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Washington and Wyoming. Although it was only released last year, it’s already on its way to becoming a sci-fi classic.

In second place is another recent movie: Star Trek Beyond. The third movie in the new series was searched for most in Alabama, Maine, North Carolina, Virginia and Wisconsin. It beat both recent Star Wars movies, only won two states each; Indiana and Oregon for The Force Awakens and New Mexico and Vermont for Rogue One.

The original Alien is joint third with four states: Georgia, Illinois, Michigan and New York. Joining it in third is 2015’s surprise hit 10 Cloverfield Lane, which topped searches in Idaho, Kansas, New Hampshire and West Virginia.

The complete list can be seen below and at: