Deep Rock Galactic: E3 Reveal Trailer+

Space mining corporation DEEP ROCK GALACTIC is looking for talented space
dwarf miners to join in glorious and profitable mining excavations on Steam Early
Access and as Game Preview on “Xbox Play Anywhere” starting in early
2018. Teams of up to four dwarves will venture on first person cooperative adventures,
mine through fully destructible environments and return with precious metals
having avoided getting killed by hostile aliens.
The most dangerous planet in the galaxy happens to be the richest dig site
ever discovered. This is where DEEP ROCK GALACTIC will put you to work. Dig,
drill, and shoot your way through cavernous missions with ever increasing
challenge and to unlock expand your class-based skills, unlock new gear and weapons.

Benefits include:

· Co-op first – Work closely with colleagues. Four classes of natural born
miners, dig together or dig your own grave.
· Procedurally Deep – No shift or shaft is like the last. Endless
variations, in a good way.
· Generous Promotions – Generate profit for DEEP ROCK GALACTIC and get

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