Momocon 2017

My third convention Momocon was yet again an amazing experience for more reasons than one. I had more than my fair share of priorities and responsibilities this year like interviewing more indie developers and also interviewing voices from my favorite recent cartoon “Steven Universe” there’s also some cosplay mixed in there by yours truly. Right now I’m abbreviating before I go into full detail, This time I actually got noticed for what I do outside of reporting which is podcasting on Youtube it’s the first time it’s happened and it felt really good hopefully it’ll happen a lot more as time goes on. I know you guys are getting ready for E3 so I’m gonna inform you of some great games that won’t be featured during press conferences that deserve some spotlight.

Neon The Ninja

Ex-Band Member Stuart wanted more out of life so he made a video game, sounds outlandish but listening to his story and playing the game was very interesting and honestly kind of inspiring. Neon The Ninja is a 2-D Punk Rock Action game with the same pick your boss style of Mega-Man that is all drawn and designed by Stuart, It’s the smoothest 2-D game I’ve played since Strider. Although it’s not finished from what I played I absolutely couldn’t take my eyes off of the great visuals and great character designs. I cannot wait to get my hands on it when it releases on Xbox One, Wii U, and PC.

The Metronomicon: Slay The Dance Floor

This game is very innovative in the sense that it mixes two very popular genres of games into one “Funky Adventure”. It’s a Rhythm Based RPG in the style of Guitar Hero and a Final Fantasy game with the best soundtrack I’ve heard in a while (Highly suggest looking up the soundtrack on Spotify as the creator Danny told me there is) It mixes interesting mechanics on both sides of the spectrum, you go with the beat of the song of your choice whilst switching between teammates who all have different abilities that’ll help you out in battles. There are Healers, Mages Etc and each of them hold a very important task which is why it is imperative that you do not stay on one and move around. Eventually, you’ll get a special for the hero you stay on the most which have effects that’ll either hit the enemy or help your team in the long run. There is a story mode with animated cutscenes as I’ve been told, it’ll be worth the cost when it comes out.


The last game just happens to be one of the most fun I’ve had playing a sports game ever. I’m a cartoon artist so I prefer when something is exaggerated rather than it trying to play the realistic card, in the case of DISTANCE it’s a racing survival that doesn’t try to be like the others. I’m pretty sure they get the idea that it looks like Tron: Legacy but it’s for a reason, the fact that you could see obstacles before you run into them is way better from a design and gameplay standpoint. It moves smoother than most big budget racing games I’ve played, along with great visuals and car action the music is also very good (I highly suggest all the music in all these game’s soundtracks)