Call Of Duty: WW2 Hands On

During our coverage of E3 2017 I was able to get some hands on time with

the upcoming Call of Duty: WW2. I am happy to say that any doubts about

the future of the franchise has been soundly laid to rest.


After an impressive video featuring a protracted battle in and around a

church, we were informed that the multiplayer portion of the game would

offer many new features for fans to enjoy. The first new feature is an

objective based mission for multiplayer teams. Such as taking strategic

locales, building items, setting demolitions, and escorting tanks to a

vital locale.


Players will also be able to select various online classes that such as

Assault and Recon which will each have weapons and combat styles unique to

their positions.

The campaign mission shown to us incorporated many classic Call of Duty

elements such as waves of enemies and a player using a mix of weapons to

dispatch them as he interacts with several NPC characters. The graphics

were amazing and Sledgehammer has clearly paid great attention to detail

and what fans want from the series.


After watching the impressive video: it was time for some hands on action.

Although I play the game on PC, I was able to mount a respectable

showing using the PS 4 controller for our first match.


Playing as a German soldier, I was able to work with my team in bunkers

and trenches to dispatch enemies using a machine gun and grenades. I had

found memories of playing the first two Call of Duty games come rushing

back to me as I played.


The next mission was objective based and my team was tasked with capturing

a point where enemy units were dug in. I noted many of the units were

both male and female and that the weapons were diverse and effective

including smoke and gas grenades.


After securing the locale, we were tasked with building a crossing a

bridge and arming an explosive to turn the tide of the battle.

At this point I had to defend the locale and thanks to my heavy machine

gun, I cut down a slew of enemies who came within range.


Eventually our tank arrived and I escorted it and even manned the machine gun as we made our way deeper into enemy territory.

Call of Duty: World War 2 not only looks great but it appears to have

successfully combined the beloved classic elements of the series with some

new features.


The line of people wanting to play the game was so long that

it wrapped around their very large booth and was capped 40 minutes into

the show.


I cannot wait to see more as I loved every minute that I played.