Map Shows Where Game Of Throne Loyalties Are Per Each State

With Game of Thrones returning to TV screens this Sunday, wanted to find out where America’s Thrones loyalties lie.


Using Google Search data from each state, the site mapped out which House they searched for the most. Top-line stats from the research include:


  • The majority of Americans firmly support the noble House of Stark. They top searches in a jaw-dropping 24 states Stark states include the key battlegrounds of California, Nevada, Wisconsin, Utah and New York
  • The villainous Lannisters are a distant second with 10 states, including Michigan, Minnesota and Missouri, while the House of Targaryan sit in third with 9 states
  • Members of the Daenarys fan club include Alabama, Idaho and Texas
  • Illnois and North Dakota both support the House of Greyjoy, which should give poor old Theon something to smile about after his unfortunate encounter with a pack of dogs.
  • Worryingly, Maine and Ohio went for the ultra-evil House of Baratheon (let’s hope that’s just out of curiosity…)