Colony Panel Recap: San Diego Comic Con

During our coverage of San Diego Comic-Con, I covered the panel for the upcoming third season of the hit USA series Colony. The stars and producer of the series were on hand to talk about the upcoming season as well as take questions from eager fans who packed the Indigo Ballroom at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel to get the latest news on the show. While production does not begin until September 18th, the series will move to Vancouver British Columbia for the upcoming season which presents a wealth of possibilities for the future of the series after being based in the L.A. area for the first two seasons.

The show follows a family headed by Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies who find themselves trying to survive an Alien occupation. The city is walled off and an authoritarian government comprised of collaborators is in place to rule with brutal authority. Josh Holloway’s character finds himself working for the government although he is committed to finding their lost son and doing the right thing. His wife is a member of the resistance and clashes often with her husband about what is best for the survival of the family. Throw in complicated relationships and shifting alliances and questionable motives and you get an intense and compelling drama.

A cryptic piece of artwork was presented which showed an alien ship different from the current occupying force under attack from the drones which are featured in the series. During our interviews for the show last year, Producer Carlton Cuse asked our media table what we wanted to see featured in the show down the road. I had mentioned that it would be nice to see if the alien occupiers had an enemy of their own thus introducing a new faction into the mix. It appears that this may indeed become a part of the upcoming season and further illustrates the impact of Comic-Con as it not only offers an abundance of front level talent, it also allows the creators and talent to speak with the fans and members of the media directly and in turn be asked questions by them.

We followed the panel with a series of cast and creative roundtable interviews which can be seen below.



Josh Holloway Interview

Cast and Creative Interview