Gotham Panel Recap: San Diego Comic-Con

Ahead of the fourth season premiere of the hit Fox series Gotham, I attended the panel for the show during our coverage of San Diego Comic-Con. Although I had attended the panel last year, this year had an added level of excitement considering the intensity of the previous season as well is the numerous shocking moments that permeated the third season finale.

Stars and creative members took the stage to the delight of the crowded audience and proceeded to introduce new cast member Alexander Siddig will be joining the cast this season.

Robin Lord Taylor delighted a fan during the question-and-answer segment by doing a line from “Batman Returns” and the voice of his version of the Penguin and Cory Michael Smith implied that the Riddler we see in the upcoming season will be quite different than the one in prior season and large parts to do the events that befell his character at the conclusion of season three.

We were told that the character Bruce Wayne would have grappling hook and body armor this season although his ascension to his more famous namesake is still something in the future.

Perhaps the biggest reveal came when it was announced that Drew Powell will see his character transformed into Solomon Grundy in the upcoming season and that the Scarecrow himself would be seen as the season unfolds.

It appears that family and changes our big element of the upcoming season as the complicated and at times dangerous relationships between the characters will continue to evolve and that the danger present in Gotham will continue to ratchet its way upwards.

Question-and-answer segments followed with some very humorous discussions as to which ways they actors were alike and different from their characters and the comradery amongst the cast was evident.

Look for the new season to appear this fall on FOX.

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