PWND Annoucnes $12.99 Price

Played this at SDCC and had fun. Here is some more information.


SANTA MONICA, CALIF. – AUGUST 29, 2017 – Following its debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, Skydance Interactive is ready to ignite the first-person shooter (FPS) community with an all-new price of $12.99 for its high-flying, fast-paced, pulse-pounding rocket arena shooter PWND on Windows PC via Steam Early Access. Hardcore PWND players will soon gain access to a steady stream of additional free content, including new levels of gameplay, characters, weapons, maps, tournament features, and more in the coming months.

To kick off this series of new PWNtastic features, Skydance is teaming up with VanossGaming (Evan Fong) and TheSyndicateProject (Tom Cassell) to unleash exclusive hero skins based on the popular YouTubers. Between August 28th and September 4th, any new player that purchases PWND can suit up their favorite PWND heroes as VanossGaming and TheSyndicateProject, who will then host a series of special play sessions for fans and PWNers to get in on the personalized action. More information about this limited time only offering can be found on VanossGaming’s Twitter and TheSyndicateProject’s Twitter.


Other PWND extras available now include:


  • Limited-edition PWN stamps based on popular YouTube and Twitch personalities, including VanossGaming, TheSyndicateProject, and others to download from Steam
  • Mobile sticker packs based on fan-favorite PWND characters for anyone looking to show off their PWND pride – now on Google Play and the App Store
  • And many more to come!


Hardcore PWNers will also be rewarded with bombastic promotions from August 31 to September 3 in which the best player on the PWND leaderboard can win an all-new computer gaming rig on a daily basis. More information on the contest, including specs on the computer, can be found here:


PWND is set in a dystopian future corrupted by 1980s culture where heavily reliving the “decade of excess” across many decades resulted in an arms race of high-octane, consumer-driven hyper masculinity to crown the ultimate badass. Featuring fierce competition, big bad weapons and some very killer dance moves, PWND rocket-jumps the arena shooter to an all-new level with un-paralleled three-dimensional rocket jumping combat, extremely fast-paced competitive play and a diverse cast of colorful characters with a heavy-duty arsenal to boot. In a world where death is temporary, but humiliation is forever, keep it X-treme and remember: kills don’t count, PWNs do!


PWND is now available for purchase for Windows PC via Steam Early Access at $12.99. For more information, please visit