Snipers Vs. Thieves

Greetings & Salutations Fellow Gamers!

Now we can’t just have me reappear out of the woodwork after several months to tell you about PAX and then just disappear again now can we? laughs That was hardly my intention! Perhaps it was fate that just as PAX was getting under way that I was tasked with reviewing and presenting to you one of the latest mobile game apps to be released that’s making quite a few waves in the The iTunes and GooglePlay App stores. Not only does this game combine the first person shooter concept with real time multiplayer online gaming, but it’s comical aspects will have you nearly laughing out loud.

‘Snipers VS. Thieves’ is the latest release from PlayStack Limited London and Foxglove Studios Handheld Entertainment. Choose to play as a sniper in the first person shooter format to protect your stash and take out any fellow crooks who attempt to rob you of your loot and make it to their getaway van. Or play as part of a gang of thieves and engage in robbing/stealing from legitimate business as well as looting the spoils of another crook’s endeavors and avoid their gang’s attempts at taking you and your fellow thieves out. Gather equipment and create decks of chosen gear to assist you and your fellow thieves in your various crime sprees. The game also offers the option to play in ‘seasons’ going on extended looting expeditions and earn new masks such as ‘The Samurai King’, ‘The Gorilla King’, ‘Pumpkinhead’, ‘The Presidents Collection’, and even ‘Frankenstein’ to conceal your identity and establish a ‘legend’ of your successes! The game is said to feature over 100 different masks.

The game contains a selection of over 50 weapons and gadgets to assist you in your thievery including amongst other selections freezing bullets and explosive ammo. Like any thief, you can also keep a watch on the Black Market for rare weapons and gadgets. Snipers VS. Thieves also includes the option of forming or joining clans in order to increase your profit margin and coordinate efforts with other thieves for the tougher gigs. Like many of the better mobile games, SvsT also includes And in-game store where you can purchase extra credits in order to accelerate more rapidly in the game.

The controls on this game do take a bit of getting used to as they seem to be ‘all over the place’ in relation to going back and forth between sniper mode and thief mode. However, the significance of that I feel as negligible as the game is quite self explanatory on how to play in either function. The graphics are comical in such a way that it reminds you of the cartoons you watched as a kid that were genuinely funny combined with humorous sound effects. For Apple users, the game requires iOS 10 or better but can be played on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The game does contain suggestive yet mild interpretations of violence, mature content, and violence and is not recommended for anyone under the age of 12.

The only real issue I have with this game is that when it pairs you with other players, the game seems to have a minor issues with paring players whom have FAR more experience than you or too little. That could be just me though and quite frankly, I like this game to the point where I’m going to give it 5 out of 5 stars. ‘Snipers VS. Thieves’ has most definitely earned a permanent place on my iPad and I highly recommend it for you folks. Easily found in either the ITunes Store or the GooglePlay Store.