The Amazing Eternals Announces Updates For The Beta

Enjoyed playing the game at PAX West and loving our Beta access. As such, here are the latest updates.



  • Reduced Bident’s ticks per second
  • Increased Conch of Fallen Heroes’ Card Timer to 45 seconds
  • Removed health penalty from Conch


  • Boulder no longer leaves a trail of Leech Piles
  • Increased Plant Hands hit radius for melee
  • Increased Plant Hands ammo to 20
  • Improved Plant Hands projectile landing bounce
  • Increased Plant Hands Leech Pile size
  • Reduced Bark Wall health from 500 to 250


  • New Knife Model!
  • New Oathkeeper model!


  • All Eternals now available at the start of the board! Eternal choice spaces are now pack spaces.
  • Space 2 now rewards 300 Tokens
  • Daily XP Snack now starts at Space 3
  • Deck creation is now available at Space 4
  • New players will be guaranteed to join fresh matches for their first 3 instead of joining in progress
  • Increased Eternal speed by 0.25m/s *TESTING THIS WEEK ONLY*
  • Removed Crit multiplier from Turret projectiles
  • Changed all text to consistently use american spelling instead of canadian
  • Added confirmation after changing graphical settings
  • Doubled the duration of the thread indicator around the reticle
  • Added a player report button to the ESC menu
  • The Neutral Fragment is now activated if a team managed to tie up the match during overtime
  • Added custom announcer audio for Overtime
  • Removed rank from player profile (you’re still semi-pro to me)


  • Fixed Devices being unplaceable on steep slopes
  • Fixed Swarm Bomb sound not playing in some instances
  • Fixed Sting Ray model persisting after death
  • Fixed My Eternals button not appearing when only 1 Eternal is owned
  • Fixed the terrain under the train on Odona
  • Fixed Health pickups not showing in death cam
  • Fixed friendly Fire Traps not being colored blue
  • Fixed Health Focus description
  • Fixed Timer Trial appearing on Fire and Wind traps
  • Fixed Mad Mod Defiler ammo description
  • Fixed Healing Waters not consistently staying attached to Allies
  • Fixed Spear Seed FX not showing in Death Cam
  • Fixed a script error with Cyclone Staff
  • Fixed not being able to remove the middle section of Bristle’s Wall using G
  • Fixed Bristle’s step height so he doesn’t step on things he isn’t supposed to.
  • Fixed Power Up Focus giving a much higher buff than intended
  • Fixed Water Ring FX not showing properly in first person
  • Fixed chat still being readable even after being kicked for inactivity
  • Fixed enemy’s current location showing during Death Cam
  • Fixed health bar being too low
  • Fixed UFO showing two damage numbers when hitting a target
  • Fixed UI text showing in the wrong place when hovering over an icon
  • Fixed Trap cards being placed beside Niia instead of infront of her